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Weak Bones Speaks

30 October
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  • kittykittenlane
call me 'weak bones'.

but, i am strong ...
as a motherfucker.

addictions make me weak.
and, obsessions drive me nutz.
but, lo! i see a light - rise up. rise up;
o! rise up. i say.

my gears want 2 stay put in DRIVE...
my brain wants 2 stay in NEUTRAL;
i have long passed REVERSE;
and i am officially done with PARK.

like before -
it's the dreams that wake me up.
it's the dreams. they keep me speeding.

i won't deny or lie ... i still suffer severly
from skepticism and insecurities,

and, overall, i am optimistic.

trust and wait.
TRUST & WAIT for it.
i say.