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Once Upon A Time ...

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And a young girl with hair like the sun, and eyes like deep water, will have to face the roads alone and she will have to choose her own path --CHOOSING THE RIGHT ROAD WILL TAKE GREAT COURAGE -- For in order to chose wisely she will have to be encouraged. And, in order to choose the correct path will require courage. For it will take the utmost courage to decide on the right road. Even more, it will take her supreme courage to follow the right passageway.

On the wrong path the girl will be led to increasing weaknesses and eventual destruction. On the other road, the right path, the girl will be led to increasing strength and a bright and brilliant future.

There will be signs that will warn her not to stray. She will be told that the one who stands at the crossroads for too long, will have a choice forced upon them, and it will be the wrong choice. For her, hesitating will not be an option, because it will lead her into ruin. She shall know the wrong path because she will feel the confusion and disorientation pouring fourth from its way. If she chooses to stand in the shadows of the wrong road for too long it will be too late for her.

As she looks at both roads, in order to make her decision, one will appear difficult to manage and uninviting. And, the other will seem easy and appealing. It is only an impression. And, she will need to realize that looks and appearances are ultimately deceiving.

Ironically, the right path will be very dark, rocky, and narrow. And, she will have to climb this road past a steep crest on her own. Alone, it will be nearly impossible to choose this so-called right road. Unless she is in a state of great encouragement and confidence she could falter. She cannot weaken. She cannot be in a depressed position.

She will never choose the right road if she cannot regain her vision, her confidence, and her resolve to move quickly.

All the while, on her crossing, the world will be watching her. Even her seemingly small and insignificant steps will have a great effect on all those around her.

She shall realize that action and decisiveness are critical to her recovery.

She will need encouragement. She will use all that she has done in the past, her every struggle just to get to this point, and she will be told that her that her future could be even greater by those around her. She could go further than any nation or empire has ever gone before. If you see her speak to her of her bright future--she desperately needs vision. There is yet the hope that she will take the right road, far far away, but it will be a long journey and a sweeping trek. There will not be much time to waste and her every second counts starting today. At any moment the wrong choice could be forced upon her if she does not move forward and move quickly to begin the grand voyage ahead of her.
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On June 9th, 2007 04:40 am (UTC), kittykittenlane commented:
You’re beyond fantastic. thank you so much for caring enough, and even more noticing I have been very very missing ... absent from a place that at one time was almost more comfortable than my home and became like sanctuary from the everyday obsessions and depressions. i am doing very well ... much better than this time last year. For the first time I am so happy it is summertime. It’s been a really productive 2 or 3 months. i found our little community almost 1-year ago exactly ... what a ride it has all been. To think about how much life has changed, I’ve changed, and how many shapes my disorder has been through – it’s a little overwhelming. I am trying to live fully again after a very dead and dormant period of absence stretching over the last 2 years... how frightening ... but, now instead of letting fear rule me, and stop me, I’m just trying to trust enough that I can make things happen again. I’m still dealing with crippling anorexia, never ceasing bulimia, and serious addiction to binging/purging daily, but I have let go a lot of my trying to avoid life. It’s unfortunate that I decided to sacrifice this place (the purge) in order to do more. But, in truth, I just haven’t had the time everyday to commit to being online, posting, reading, and all that. I think about it all the time. But I’m just trying to get on my feet and get after life. I have missed you, the women of the community, especially since in so many ways these women and this community became some of my only confidents. Sigh. I love you for checking in on me, for caring, I’m beyond apologetic I didn’t respond right away – it means a lot to me.

More importantly, how are you?
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